Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pam, here you are! Here are some pictures of Cinderella, the latest show I costumed. We were going for pastels and jewel tones. One of the most difficult parts was finding enough ballgowns for a chorus of 17 girls. The only men were the leads.

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It's official.

Ok, not officially official. But I purchased a wedding band yesterday. It's so pretty! And celtic. 'Cause Alan's all Scottish and everything. Here's the picture!

We're still waiting to see if the wedding can go ahead as planned in December, or if a possible job offer will force us to make other decisions. Alan's still holding out for our December wedding. I'm hoping I'll get to have my reception at least, but won't be sad if a small private ceremony happens in the meantime.

I've got a bit of a break this week. This morning I had nothing to do, so I finished two books over Malt o Meal and a Vanilla Latte. I took out the recycling, puttered around online, and generally did as little as possible. Now Allie's come over and we're going to go shopping in the Seattle heat. 90 degrees this weekend.

I've been doing my usual summer overload of reading. I read the Shopaholic Series. I read a whole buttload of Debbie Macomber books. I read the Corset Diaries, which was basically erotica, so I skipped through the terribly contrived plot to see if she married the guy after all. I grabbed a few true "Corset Books" as Alan calls them. I finished Innocent Traitor this morning - the story of Lady Jane Grey. That one was very good. I also have in the line A Vision of Light about Margarey of Ashbury, and Julie&Julia - because I've been wanting to read it for a while, and it was in the used bookstore in Renton.

I'm also reading The Eyre Affair - on recommendation by several people, a sci-fi literary mystery. And I'm breaking into E.M. Delafield by reading Diary of a Provincial Lady. I'm trying to sell Alan on C.S. Lewis - but he's busy with the Girl With a Dragon Tatoo series. We have read several Narnia books together.

I love summer. This morning I woke up in my little futon with the windows open, a gentle breeze blowing through, the birch tree waving outside, and feeling like a child sleeping in my treehouse again. How lovely!