Saturday, August 24, 2002

Oh why oh why are my archives blue?
Had a great day. Went shopping with Mary -- we got WAYYYY too much stuff at Tuesday Morning. At least I did. Mary stayed within her budget. Then we went to hobby lobby (I got my pictures of my sisters framed), and then to Magic Nails to get pedicures. Then I went back to Mecca (aka Hobby Lobby), and browsed....bought some elmers glue. Then I had dinner at Aaron's house -- good thing since my garbage disposal is backed up and I won't be cooking for a while. Now I'm going to go put away my groceries that are sitting all over the living room....Milk. It does a body good.
I went to see Audio Adrenaline tonight -- not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I haven't been to a concert before (sure I've been to opera, theater, musicals, and symphonies -- but the ettiquete is completely different). I yelled, I jumped up and down, threw my hands in the air and waved them back and forth, sang lyrics to songs I didn't know -- it was a blast. My first inclination as always was to stand back and wallow in how out-of-my-league the whole thing was...but thank Goodness I acted less like a spoiled two year old for an hour and really had a good time. I loved it. Afterwards the exhaustion from my trip caught up with me, and we all went to Eric's house to suprise him. Aaron and Mary suprised him that is. I fell asleep on his couch for two hours watching them play video games. It was a lovely nap. Can't complain! SO now I'm going to go revel in the comfort of my OWN BED -- which I've missed more dearly than chicken fried steak with WHITE gravy (they serve it with brown in CA -- so gross) and Sweet tea.