Saturday, January 15, 2005

New Quotes

I have about a zillion new quotes to put into the sidebar, but I left my notebook in my binder, and it's too stinking cold to run back and get it -- and too dangerous. Between here and Mocks there are random splotches of icelessness that come upon you unawares. So you're going along running like a drunk turkey trying to maintain speed, and all of a sudden you hit a dry patch.

It's not the ice that fouls up the system. It's the lack of it.

And P.S. Car covers are even harder to put on than take off coated in ice. Funny how heavy it gets.

Learning Lines

Today Portland was iced in. So most of us spent the morning at home watching musicals. I went out to get them from Blockbuster, but otherwise I didn't leave. Besides, I learned to drive in Washington, and experiences lovely mid-west ice storms at college. Getting my ice-encrusted car cover off took a long time. It was cold. The rest of Portland doesn't know what to do with it. I suspect it's rather like Seattle: An inch of snow sends them scurrying for chains. They hadn't sanded any of the backroads. There was gravel on the main one.

I worked on my lines tonight with Vicky. Knowing the show already has helped, although the new script revisions make it hard to remember when a line has changed tense, or been given to another character. It's coming along. Our last cast member comes in tomorrow, so we should start blocking, or at least do another read-through Monday.

Another thing I learned again today -- four cups of coffee on an empty stomach isn't a good idea.

The Dinner Theater is supposed to be presenting at a missions conference in a few weeks. We only found out about it a few days ago, and none of us know yet what exactly that will entail. Surprise!

My sister got a new job, which is very exciting considering how upset she's been about the old one.

And last night I got a chance to sing because everyone was out of the house. I need some voice lessons badly, but even worse I need real music. I was trying to remember songs I used to be able to accompany myself to, and they all ended up in the same key (The same one as Memory from Cats). I just resorted to drowning out my wrong chords, and since no one was listening, it didn't really matter.