Saturday, February 14, 2004

There is the knee-melting-est guy in with his girlfriend?wife?fiance this evening. He's not absolutely beautiful, but he's british and has an Ewan McGreggor thing going on. Wow. he walked up to the desk and we all just stood with our mouths open. And I'm not a drooler by nature. Holy cow is it hot in here.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Ah, the inimitable day has arrived. I'm working a triple shift today, so I don't have time to whine and bemoan the fact that I don't have anything special to do....! I guess I figure, one day of gross spending wouldn't make up for a year of neglect, and if a guy is just getting you something out of social pressure...well, I'd rather get the gift on April 2nd or something. Or maybe I should just stop having opinions of something I know nothing about. Anyway.

I'm working the early shift at my morning job, the lunch shift at my night job, and the night shift at my morning job...tomorrow I work the early morning shift, then the lunch shift and I'm done. Thank goodness. I need the money -- payday is coming, as are the bills!

My car drives so nicely! And it's really really really nice to be sitting in the apartment realizing that, if I wanted to, I could go somewhere because I don't have to wait for Andrea to get off work with the car.

Speaking of Andrea, she spent all evening yesterday balancing her checkbook and updating her spending program in her palm pilate. We are being so good! Starting on payday we are switching to the ultimate cheap cost of living diet. Oh yes. We're making and taking every lunch, and keeping our spending to the barest of all possible minimums. She so she can fund her wedding budget and make car repairs, I so that I can pay off more loans as quickly as possible. We'll see how creative we can be on the littlest possible income. I'm ready to be done with this now!

I have an audition coming up in two weeks. I hadn't decided for sure if I wanted to do the program. It does cost a little because its "educational." I don't know if it pays anything or not. If I could get a part, it would be a great program to be in since it's local. If not, it will be good to get up and actually do an audition since I've been out of practice for a while...I need a good Shakesperean monologue though. Can I learn on in two weeks? And a good modern one. I wonder, can I even do a passable job at Shakespeare? I've never really tried before. The last older play I read was Tartuffe. Great maid role in that one...

This is just the rantingest rant I've published in a while. I got a call last night from Adrian that it is really and truly snowing in Waco. Not just spitting that you can see sort of if you squint just right, but atual inches. At least I think. I was asleep when he called, and not terribly coherent when I woke up enough to say hi.

Ok, I've run out of things to say...and my brain is still asleep.