Friday, March 02, 2007

Living it up back in my Mansion

Well, another week back in the routine. I'm continuing to get up every morning at 5am for devotions -- who would have thought I'd be an early morning person. 3-in-1 coffee helps -- the closest thing to coffee one can get here. That and a little yoga helps get the blood rushing to my head.

Our community outreach time has been solidified for the rest of our lecture phase. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be helping at the orphanage. I'm really excited -- I've always wanted to work at an orphanage. And we have some ideas about what we may be doing for our long term outreach into Cambodia. In Mondul Kiri we'll probably be doing orphanage work, teaching English classes, doing a sports ministry, and some parties in the afternoons for local kids. I'm thinking I'll probably end up doing orphanage and ESL classes there (since I'm the only native english speaker on the team). That makes me happy that what I'm doing here is practice for what I'll be doing there.

We have to fill out journals each week about what we're learning, both in lectures and quiet time, and our relationships (both here and back home). For the first few weeks we had assigned leaders on base to turn them into. Tomorrow we hand them into our outreach leaders instead. Both my outreach leaders are Khmer. One of them speaks English really well...but, I write words that a lot of native English speakers wouldn't know. So after some debating about whether to dumb down my journal, I decided that it's my commemorative journal, so I'll just keep going as usual. I gave him permission to share my journal with anyone he needed to to understand it. Funny the things that come up here.

And that's about all for me this week. Needing to have my pride hit on the head a lot. I love to be generous, and I'm learning more about serving, but I still am looking over my shoulder a lot to see if anyone noticed. Aargh. Pride is like the arcade game "stomp the spiders." Every time you squash one down, another one pops up. Argh Argh Argh.