Saturday, March 18, 2006


Sorry...for the extended absences.

I've been trying to get moved out, and am under some pressure to do so, but I've thrown my neck out again and it's been taking forever. All I have left to do now (after loading up the truck again today with Dad and dropping it by the house on Lincoln) is to go take out the trash, vacuum, and grab the last few things. But it's taken a several hour lie down to get my neck down from excruciating to dull throbbing after hauling furniture down a flight of stairs and in and out of a truck. Kris helped me unload the first load yesterda -- yay Kris.

On the plus side, I really like my new job. A lot. I worked Wednesday and Thursday, and made some nice money. And since Wednesday was the end of a pay period, I've already gotten a paycheck. They have 24 hour turnaround. And thank God for that, because I have 10 upcoming chiropractic visits.

I'm housesitting for the Logsdons this weekend, so I'll be in Seattle Sunday night through Tuesday morning. And that's about it for me.