Thursday, September 05, 2002

Things that stink about living alone: 1) coming home to an empty apartment after dark. 2) Endless meals for one. 3) No one to say goodnight to.
Things that are great about living alone. 1)Knowing exactly where all the food is going. 2)No roommate to wake you up at all hours. 3)Decorating however you want. 4) Being able to pay all bills ahead of time. 5) Your clothes are only worn by you.
I thought I was losing my mind today. I have this pair of hot pink beaded flip-flops that I've been putting in my car recently. I love wearing rediculous shoes to school, but got tired of killing myself trying to walk across campus in them. Hence the flip-flops. Last night I thought I remembered leaving them deliberatly in my car so they'd be there in the morning. This morning I was digging through my closet looking for a good pair of scuffy shoes to wear with my ratty jeans, and underneath my vacuum cleaner I came across a pair of hot pink beaded flip-flops. ??? So, naturally I assumed that I'd forgotten bringing them into the house. So I walked out to my car, got in, and sat down next to a pair of hot pink flip-flops..identical to the pair I had on my feet. So I wracked my brain trying to decide who most likely wants me in the nuthouse (I knew some sopranos had their knives out over auditions, but I had planned for a direct assalt). Then I called my sister. Turns out mother had bought her a pair of identical flip-flops to wear as dorm shower shoes. Somehow they ended up with my stuff when I came back to Texas. But really now, what's the chance that my mother and I would buy identical shoes from halfway across the country? (Twilight zone music)