Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding this evening. Very funny. I highly recommend it to everyone (although, in the past tense, since I'm the last of my set to see it). The opera went well tonight, at least from a costuming angle. The man who hired me is trying to back out of paying me...weasil. Last year I got $500 flat, and that was with an additional $100 split between my four costume crew members. This year I have no crew, was still making $500. Now he wants to pay me by the hour. Fine. I've worked....um...50 hours. At 10 dollars an hour. Pretty good estimate, don't you think? Plus all the gas I bought going back and forth between rehearsals. And the $400 I've spent out of pocket buying things for this show. Not too shabby. I should get an extra hundred dollars for doing everything myself...but I think that might be pushing my luck. We'll see. Oh, and the official word -- I'm not auditioning for the opera.
Still tired. That's going to become the theme this year. I don't think I'm going to audition for the mainstage opera this year. (Don't quote me though -- as auditions get closer, my competative streak my burst out and kill random passersby) For one thing, my parents can only come to one performance this year -- my senior recital (The week of april 7th -- mark your collective calenders), so they woudln't even get to see it. For another thing, the only role I could get is a bit part that is only on 2 scenes or so. That's a lot of time for 2 scenes(I'd have to be here most of Christmas break). For a third thing, I'm in Little Red Riding Hood in November, Opera Scenes in December, and a heavy load of academic classes. Do I really need to have less freetime than I do now? Added to that, working all summer prevented any sort of R&R. I'm burned out already in the 3rd week of school. Not a good sign. Anyway, feedback would be welcome from anyone who cares to give it. Maybe I should start a poll. And on top of that, my devotional life is finally starting to become a regular part of my life -- not hit and miss as formerly. When I'm that exhausted, thats the first thing that falls by the wayside (and the very last that should). We'll see in a couple of weeks....
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