Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Finally, $7.95 haircut day at the local Academy of Hair. I've been feeling terribly frumpy with my grown out bob from the summer, which became two inches too long to do anything with except pouf and frizz. Oh, I'd style it in the morning, but an hour later: *pouf* *frizz*

So as soon as it opened, I ran over with a two headshots for reference (of what it has to look something like or have to fork over another several hundred dollars for new headshots) and found a couple of styles in those big oversized salon books that I liked as well. My stylist was very chatty, but hadn't seen Shear Genius - which put a damper on any contribution from me to our conversation - but she did a lovely job mixing the front view of my headshot with a back view from the reference book. The cut is great, but styling wasn't included beyond blow drying, so I sauntered home, tossing my new hair this way and that, and curled it the way I wanted it.

It looked so good I had to change clothes and walk in heels to the library just so I could swoosh my way down the street more effectively.

Funny how a simple thing like hair can change how you feel about getting dressed for the day. Now I'm going to go walk Jake in heels so I can swoosh and flip some more.