Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Old Shadows

Angie: "I have a contact allergy to peanuts. Eating them, not too bad. Having peanut butter smeared all over my face by the youth leader? I broke out in hives."

Tasha: "Excuse me, lets have this conversation when somebody knows what you're talking about."

Julie: "Den Mother?"
Vicky: "That sounds funny. I think I'm thinking of Bears."
Julie: "Raarrrrr."

Jerry: "If I catch any of you lipsynching to my stories you're out of here."

Jerry: "The hitch fell off and the dinner trailer was rolling away."
Chris: "Now that's travelling dinner theater right there."

Angie: "Eating it gives me rashes on my knees anyway."

WDT Ice Breaker: "Hug me. Now sign this."

Jessica: "I don't know what Chris' first name is."

Jessica: "Don't worry Aaron, I'm not sitting next to you."