Monday, February 28, 2005

Old Shadows

Vanessa: "The lower half of my body is trying to secede from the union."

Vicky: "Today for some reason my skin is extra soft. It doesn't want to do it's thing."

Rachel: "May I have a wedgie?"

Chris: "You've already proved you can laugh at nothing."

Tasha: "Did you ever hear the blonde joke about the one who gets fired for throwing out all the w's? Jessica!"

Vicky: "Did you know that South Africa has the highest population of penguin poop export in the world?"

Jonathan: "Hi, I'm Jonathan. And I'm a raging alcoholic. Wait, I'm in the wrong room."

Jessica: "That's an instrument I'd really like to play is the drums. Of course I'd think I'd have to get rhythm first."

Adam: "I look like a girl with sideburns."

Aaron: "Is that patuski with one 'u' or two?"

Chris: "Acute Paranoia. I'm picturing something small and fuzzy, about three feet tall, this big, cuddly little... (indistinct baby noises)"

Chris: "If you Thai food is too spicy you risk catching Thai Food Fever."

Angie: "Jessica is vacuuming my armpits."

Vanessa: "Is it shag or pile?"