Thursday, January 27, 2005


"Our Great Adversary is used to train us for His ultimate defeat."


So we're in the throws of tech week. Today was our costume parade, and then first run through with them. My costumes were all wrong, so I made three trips to the loft to get various pieces, try them on, and then decide they weren't right either. This is the time where wearing multiple hats becomes difficult. We are supposed to strike the set tomorrow (we tear down at the end of every rehearsal week to practice for being on the road -- and because we rehearse in a church, and they want their fellowship room back), but Liz needs more time with the technical equipment, so we're doing a makeup test in the morning, at which point I'll go get the rest of the costume pieces that were negated today, and then a full run with costumes in the afternoon. Saturday morning we're striking, then doing a drive test to the coast. Sunday, after church we're free, but Monday begins a week of mock shows -- and our set up begins all week at 7am.

Needless to say we're all very tired. And today was our last day to call for lines, so after spending the last two hours doing last minute alterations, I've got to nail down some monologues...