Friday, September 03, 2010

Today I spent more money in one transaction then I have ever before in my life. Alan and I had a meeting with our caterer, and it was time for the 55% deposit on the reception. $2,224.35. I was so glad I'd paid off my card. Now it's just about full again.

We also went to the jewelers to have my wedding band cleaned and my solitaire resized. He got his finger sized and decided that we should exchange his ring for the next size down.

We walked to the Greenwood Post office after our meeting and bought 180 stamps to mail invitations.

All in all a very busy wedding day. Added to the money I bought at various craft and thrift stores when I was in Yakima wedding shopping with my Mom and Denise, it was a very productive couple of days. The best buy? Vintage Christmas Ornament wrapping paper in my colors at the Dollar Store.

3 1/2 months to go!