Thursday, February 13, 2003

The test is over. Didn't study. Did just fine I think -- my lesson learned, I'll never study for this class if I can help it, and the next section is on American Musical Theater! YAY!!!!
Wow, I have another test today. Isn't that wonderful? But the good thing is that the class I'm taking is almost identical to a class that's a requirement for my major. So all of us music majors sit in the back checking off the list of things we already know, and Dr. Boyd teaches to the non-majors. We only have to participate when they've obviously missed the point of her lectures, at which point she calls on us in the back row. So, altogether not bad. I'm not going to study. Maybe glance over my notes a bit before, but no hours of reading. Especially not for short answer and matching. Anyway -- off to the test!