Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Speaking of poor choices

Speaking of Poor Choices

And now Chris and I have pledged to each other that we're going to stay clean. We really and truly are! We've given our sacred oath and promise. In San Francisco we won't know a single soul that uses it and it will be easy to stay off.
~from Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice

It's a completely new world I'm exploring, and you can't even conceive the wide new doors that are opening up before me. I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Maybe Lewis G. Carroll was on drugs too.

Ya think?

(From Go Ask Alice, the diary of a 15-year-old drug user)



"Oh! There's no cookies!"

"Nope, no cookies."

"There aren't any cookies!"

"No cookies?"

"Why aren't there any cookies?"

"I guess they forgot to put any out."

"Yep, 'cause there's no cookies."

"Look, Hannah, they don't have any cookies for you."

"No cookies?"

"No cookies."

"Why no cookies???!!!"

"I guess they forgot to put any out."

Nope, no cookies..."

If they want cookies that badly, they should try donating them sometime.

Cheree Jones

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