Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Another day, another show

Another day, Another show.

Our first mock show in a new venue. The kitchen crew only did a little set up, since we can't cook until we have an audience. I got ahold of sysco and our food for the next four shows is ordered. Having never done that before, I thought it went very smoothly. And then Austen and I were sent to forage for dinner (which was really lunch, since we'd synchronized our watched to "real show" time at 7am.

We went to two different supermarkets that should have had a deli, and neither did, so knowing that the entire team would hate us if we brought sandwiches (which we get PLENTY of on tour), and not having the authority to make our own decision on food, we went to McDonalds in the middle of their lunch rush and ordered 24 double cheeseburgers and 8 biggie fries. That went over well.

It was our first show with new and improved sound cues. Most were good. A few were terrible. And the spooky Ichaw music, after a few bars, turned into nostalgic mood music. There's another that's very Princess Bride, and a third that reminded me a lot of Indiana Jones, but I can't remember why. And we have a cool "hiking through the jungle" conga beat.

The helicopter crash scene is improving. I'm really self-conscious about writhing around moaning. Today it was "more believable, but still needs some work. You need to be more out of it." Well, tomorrow I'll skip my morning coffee and pass out directly. I'll be up again at 5:30. I HATE mornings.

And tonight we have the evening free. I may do some mending. Several people have mending that I said I'd help with, and some black signature Wycliffe Dinner Theater polos need shortened...