Saturday, June 15, 2002

I have no topic for this. I've just had an impromptu gathering at my house, or rather my hot tub. I made the mistake of lamenting to Manuel (one of the chefs) that my feet hurt, and I planned to go home and soak myself. He asked if he could come, and the next thing I know, I've invited half a dozen people to hot tub. 4 show up, plus my sister and myself. The boys brought corona. My mother was not impressed of course, but she didn't mind too much as long as my SISTER DIDN"T HAVE ANY. I didn't let her. You're welcome. (I know you're reading this Dad) I tried one. With lime. Not bad. Made it last and hour and forty five minutes. I'm not a fan of beer in general. Smells funny. It was fun -- probably not a party in the sense that they are used to, but at least I got to know the restaurant staff. Interesting that in a party of servers, cooks, and cocktail waitresses, the cocktail waitress knew the least about alcohol. Well, I would be a teetotaler if it wasn't for strawberry daquiris. Very tasty. Much better than corona -- even with lime. Maybe salt would help. I have the feeling that everyone is going to think I'm a lush now. I'm really not. Too much of a lightweight. We had a wine tasting today for the new house wines, and I had to ask Juan to finish my glasses because I sure as heck couldn't juggle orders with nearly a glass of wine under my belt. I dont' think I could walk with a glass of wine under my belt, much less get any for anyone else. Speaking of which -- let me put in a plea for all of the servers everywhere. Please tip generously. We work really hard, even when things are going slow. That usually means we're busy. We don't work for the wages, we work for the tips. It makes our day. On behalf of waitresses everywhere, goodnight. I have to serve BBQ tomorrow.