Wednesday, October 01, 2003

6 days to the recall. Californians are all going nuts. I'm very glad that I haven't lived here long enough to cast a ballot...The conservatives all have to vote for Schwartzenegger or else throw their vote away on McClintock...who may as well not be there. And the democrats are throwing about lots of "the republicans have voted against everything good for the past age and aeon." there anywhere one can live without campaign commercials?
Things I love about living here:

1. Two jobs that I really like most of the time.

2. The weather is terriffic.

3. Having time to do nothing, or something, and sew, and not have to go to classes all day, and rehearsals all night, and work in the middle (though, may I say I'd love to be in rehearsals again...I miss the stage time).

4. Two cats...that sit around and get in my way, and get on my stuff, and sleep all day and play all night.

5. Living with my sis the last year we're both un-married. No jokes from the peanut gallery -- I know I'm likely to be unattached for some time. Just waiting to find a guy who's main topic of conversation doesn't start "dude. I was sooooo wasted."

6.Lots of time to do devotions, and read inspirational books, and do all the God stuff I've not had time or energy for before.

7. Getting my debts paid off! NOt yet, but within the year.

8. Great neighbors and friends. A community.

9. Lots of really good thrift stores! YAY to that!