Sunday, September 26, 2010

10pm latte firmly in hand, I've got laundry about to head from washer to dryer, and am enjoying a few precious minutes of doing nothing in the midst of the month of 5 hell weeks.

Waitressing is nearly over for the season, and I can tell I'm burning out. Today I wasn't prepared to apologize for my customer's idiocies. The man who ordered another coke, and then sent it back when I brought his second can ... meaning I had to eat the $2, having already put it into the system.....The women who wanted to split a meal, and I offered them both the "kitchen split" option - which splits the entree nicely, and increases the amount of potatoes on each plate for an upcharge - who said they wanted to split it, then declared she wouldn't eat the potatoes anyway, so I clarified that she wanted an extra plate instead... and she glared at me when her friend corrected her, and said I should have known what she meant.....then the Market Security guard who rushed in preparing for her 15 minute break, quizzed me on the menu, and finally ordered her food, asking me to let her know when her meal would come, then handing me a $20 bill, I rounded her change up to $8, and she told me to keep $1, handed me some coins from her pocket, and said "it was the best she could do" ... while two crisp $1 bills and one $5 were in her other hand.....she came back later, ordered a fresh juice "with her meal" and when I told her the total (for 16oz of fresh squeezed juice) canceled her order. I was smarter that time, and hadn't actually rung it in yet....she came in when her food came up, moved from where I'd placed her to the inside table, asked for ice water....and I ignored all subsequent waving....... I'm burning out.

The wedding is coming along nicely. We booked flights and a rental car last night. By clever flight scheduling, we've managed to eek out a 9-day honeymoon between Christmas and starting rehearsals for Jack and the Beanstock. We'll have to be somewhat frugal, but since we didn't register for things (we have more than enough stuff vying for room in a very small place), and registered instead for our "Dream Honeymoon", we're hoping to have some small luxuries and plenty of fun on our California adventure.

Alan's closed his show, and is now full tilt directing Dracula. I'm costuming Willy Wonka, Dracula and Little Red Riding Hood, and rehearsing Nightingale. I'll soon be in rehearsals for Little Red as well, and all of these projects open in a three week span in mid October. Then I'll get a breather. Then I'll get married!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another wedding day.

During the evenings, while Alan is in rehearsals and performances for the next few weeks, I'm running to the costume shop. But during the day, it's all wedding, all the time. At least until our invitations are out.

My dress is nearly done. The beading of the bodice is finished, and now I'm layering tulle upon tulle upon tulle to get the skirt finished. I was amazed to walk into the Goodwill Outlet and find a bolt of white tulle one day, and 15 yards each of salmon and oyster colored sparkly tulle. This is my "spare time" project.

I've sent Allison off with some of the plain ornaments I've been collecting all year. I have Stickles (glitter glue) and lots of extra fine glitter to glitz them up.

Mom has made about 1,000 mints in our wedding colors.

If only Alan and I didn't have 5 shows to get through between now and then...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hello everyone! I'm taking a break from taking measurements for Willy Wonka. Another summer is over, and the fall schedule is picking back up. My costume shop is finally getting whipped back into shape after a summer of recovering from the move and minor costuming explosions (and one MAJOR costume explosion).

Willy Wonka promises to be a huge endeavor, but a lot of fun. The studio decided to double cast after 88 kids auditioned for 27 roles. But that ups the budget and my fee, and off we go!

Alan and I are in full wedding ahead mode. This week's task - invitations! It's time for people to book travel arrangements, and we're addressing, embossing, and glittering our little hearts out.

Back to measurements!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Today I spent more money in one transaction then I have ever before in my life. Alan and I had a meeting with our caterer, and it was time for the 55% deposit on the reception. $2,224.35. I was so glad I'd paid off my card. Now it's just about full again.

We also went to the jewelers to have my wedding band cleaned and my solitaire resized. He got his finger sized and decided that we should exchange his ring for the next size down.

We walked to the Greenwood Post office after our meeting and bought 180 stamps to mail invitations.

All in all a very busy wedding day. Added to the money I bought at various craft and thrift stores when I was in Yakima wedding shopping with my Mom and Denise, it was a very productive couple of days. The best buy? Vintage Christmas Ornament wrapping paper in my colors at the Dollar Store.

3 1/2 months to go!