Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Day Off

Another day off, finally. I've been juggling three jobs all week, and am very tired. I woke up late (8:30 - who'd have ever thought that would be sleeping in someday?) and have lain in bed reading and updating my reading/film journal.

It's a lovely journal. It's bound in red, pink and maroon ribbons, with endless clean sheets of white paper to fill. It ties with ribbons. I've long had my little quote book with a geisha on the cover, but someone recommended once, I've forgotten who, to write down every book I read. Necessary since sometimes I've forgotten if I've read something, and bought or checked it out again. A year or so ago I realized that I was doing the same think at Blockbuster, so I turned my journal upside down and began my film list upside down in the back.

This play is almost over, and I don't have another one to do. I've had no word from My Fair Lady, so I'm assuming at this point I didn't get it. Keeping up hope seems the workings of madness. There have been a few other auditions, but not many I'd be right for, and most now cut through the week I'm taking the kids I nanny to florida. So that's out.

I do have two costuming jobs coming up shortly. That will fill my time. The TPS general auditions are in three weeks. I have my song picked out, but need to decide whether to go modern or classical on my monologue. I need to practice like mad to make sure my shops are in shape again. I've also applied for a costuming job with a local theater company for their next two shows. I haven't heard back, but I've only just submitted myself.

I'm in my new apartment, and yesterday I went exploring 'round the area. There's a lot nearby, and the restore just down the road. Also a Goodwill and Value Village, for all my clothing needs. Minus underwear. I refuse to wear second hand underwear.