Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh Canada

Oh! Canada

I woke up this morning at 4am, and left for an audition in Vancouver, BC at 10:15. Which was great, except that I had no time to go to Tim Horton's on my way out. Because I had another audition in Seattle at 2. I did manage to stop for Austin at the Beer2go place and grab some honey brown beer.

Movie auditions are a whole different animal. My total audition time for both was under 15 minutes. And I'd imagine I drove 7 hours today. And bought two tanks of gas, one double latte, 9 chicken strips, and one vanilla milkshake. I'll know in the next three days if I've got any of the parts I auditioned for -- and all three possible films will be finished shooting before the 1st of December which was my hope - so it doesn't conflict with my supposed move.

One of the auditions is for a music video, set to Modest Mouse, and taking place in a bar. Funny, they mentioned as extras they need waitress/bartender types. I told them I've done both. Most actors are waitresses by default, but rarely is a person an actor BECAUSE they've waitressed.