Thursday, June 23, 2005

No move in sight

Well, as it turns out...

We don't have to move out and tear up the shop just yeat. Roto Rooter seems to have taken care of the problem, and we were able to spend last night in our own apartments. I've messed up my back again, so lugging the cats up and down stairs was not going to be high on my list of fun.

I'm reading an interesting book on "Rich Christians in a hungry world" or something like it. The statistics in part one are boring. Not that they aren't good to know, but I've read other books that covered them, and put them into context, etc, without going into GNP. The second part is the biblical basis for his worldview. A good skim, though I intend to go back and read it. And the third part is the practical application, what organizations do what, etc. I intend to research his appendix. Compassion Internations, World Vision and Habitat for Humanity were on there, which I already know a little about. We'll see about some of the rest of them.