Saturday, October 09, 2004

Last Week's Quotes

Last Week's Quotes

"We prayed for each other, or rather, Aaron prayed for us, and we agreed with him." ~Walter

"I want to pray for my mangos. They're all sticky and perspiring." "Tha sounds like a personal problem." ~Vicky and Co.

Sign: Special Needs Vehicles. "What does that mean? Three wheels and a crutch?" ~Me

"It seems to me that they ought to put the eye on the children and leave the garage doors alone." ~Bert

"According to your reaview mirror, what direction are you facing?" ~Tasha

"Well, sunset's in front of us, did they move it?" ~WDT

"It wasn't the sarcasm, it was the grapes hitting the car they were mad about. Which I don't understand since they're not much bigger than the bugs around here." ~Nicole

"The funny thing about amputation..." ~Vicky

They need to translate the Bible into sign language." "They have, it's called braile." ~Aaron and Me, respectively

"They go alphabetical and by gender. That's why half of them are called him-icanes." ~Bert