Sunday, June 08, 2008

Last day of Sanity

Last Day of Sanity

Today is the end of my vacation. Tomorrow I head back down for one more post-op appointment, then board the plane for home.

I've had a great trip. I ate at Manny's twice - and had our chicken avacado burrito, Drea. I had some chocolate at Rocky Mountain, coffee and Wendy's, sang at Fess' Inn on Thursday, sang in church today (after which a lot of people, upon learning that I act - not sing - for a living, expressed incredulity that a person with my voice would do anything but stand up and sing, which I find boring compared to DOING a SHOW), had Thai at Boonie's one town north, ate at the waterfront one town South, and wandered the Paseo eating Ben and Jerry's from a cone.

My vision is 20:20 now, and isn't dry anymore, and in another day or so I'll be able to wear eye makeup again. Very very exciting for me - since I love to dress them up.

I've had lots of chances to nap, sit in the sun, and watch late-night sitcom reruns while resting. I've also practiced some, and ran lines, and feel ready for rehearsals to start. I have some more ideas to try in the kids songs and with the Captain.

I have 48 hours at home, while packing to leave for my summer shows. I've got to meet up with Fred, pack up my room, load my car, make a key, move in my subletter, and have coffee with Bean on the road - where I'll give her the bridal shower present that's been sitting in my car.

Then, 3 weeks of 8am-10pm rehearsals, and my first show opens!

Ta for now - see you when the dust settles.