Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Well, I have screwed up my comments beyond reason...I have no clue how to fix them, and so I'll be working on that in between actual, you know, work at my other job. Yes.

So beyond that, life is pretty calm (and might I even go so far as to say boring) now that tourist season is over. Out at the Alisal we dropped from full occupancy to less than fifty people. It feels like sleepwalking around there. At my other job, I'm only getting about 8 hours a week for the time being. Just enough time to feel like I have to get up in the mornings, but not so many that I can get really confident about any of the extraneous miscellaneous weird things -- like a guest that wants to pay partially in cash and partially on a credit card. I've done it once, but that was two weeks ago, and I've only worked twice since then....

And speaking of new career: I trained last night to become a bartender. Or, at least that was the plan. Nobody ordered any drinks last night ... or at least none that I hadn't already made (rum and coke...ooooh...tough that one). So now I know how to break down the bar, and set up the bar, and clean the bar -- but if anyone actually orders a drink, I'm toast. But it was fun to get to stand around watching elimidate with the bartender. Oh yes, I forgot, I can make cappucinos. That's my other marketable skill! Except for foam. I suck at foam. I'm so bad Sergio is threatening to send me to Starbucks to learn. I got some good foam yesterday -- too late to put on an actual latte. Oh well.