Monday, May 05, 2003

Thinking Positively

I have a goal from my therapist. Think positively. I don't even know where to begin -- not that I see everything as horrible, or dark, or whatever...but it is a lot easier for me to criticize than praise, and far easier to point out what's wrong with things than what is good with them. Good example of this is the opera I just went to. I had a great time. I enjoyed the show. I cried through the third act. But when I had to write a one page review, it sounded like I loathed it. See, like that. So I'm going to work on balance. Whatever that means!

I just got back from seeing X-Men 2. That was a good movie! I mean it. I'm not an action/adventure fan. I've never read comic books or watched cartoons, so I have no expectations of what the film should look like, but it was a great movie (other than the opening "travelling through space" crawl with a Patrick Stewart narration beginning "Mutants....the last evolution... (which I expected to segue into) These are the voyages of the.......etc. etc." The sound track was amazing. The opening fight scene with the Dies Irae from Mozart's Requiem was perfectly matched. There was some good character development for a few characters, others were fairly one-sided. Matt tells me that the Wolverine "I'm so confused, and I don't know who I am" thing that took up the majority of the film was actually very condensed, Wolverine did that bit for most of his comic book. Ian McKellan shines of course, even though he's not onscreen for a very long time. Gene (Jean?) Grey had some nice moments after spending the last movie wavering...the rest of the female characters were relegated to background for the most part. But it was enjoyable! It has a cast to die for. Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Hugh Jackman....and a great performance by a nearly unrecognizable Alan Cummings. Very good!
Today is my sister's 20th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA! She is currently on choir tour and will not be reading this until she gets back...if she even reads it at all. I was going to send her a card, but then it's hard to reach a bus unless you have a disney stork handy. Or a Harry Potter owl. Having neither, I think I'll just call her phone and leave a message! Ciao