Saturday, July 06, 2002

Wow, I haven't updated in ages. Side comment, Teri, for someone who gripes enough on her own blog about no one leaving comments, you sure don't return the favor! Anyway, still working like a dog. Today we sold a thousand dollar buffet table. Out of the "other room" (aka, the room where everything goes that doesn't fit in the main room. aka -- the junk room) There's lots of old irons, and horse shoes, and old camaras, and lots of dishes. So since Larissa and I got to move it out (other side note -- very hard for two girls in backless heels to move a buffet), we decided to rearrange the room. My employer's mode of decorating can be summed up into; more! Everything that she is selling is displayed somewhere, to the effect that it's too overwhelming to actually see anything. So we're fixing it. Lynn never goes into the "other room." Since she can't see it, she won't know we're rearranging. Eventually, when those lazy people actually move their vanity set out of there, we're going to rearrange it into a parlor and a kitchen. Or maybe a country store and a living room. Something that says "Yes, you too can have a house like this -- and its all for sale!" rather than "Oh look. Stuff." I'm betting that once it's displayed beautifully, it'll all sell better. We shall see. Lynn is the third generation dealer -- so likely I'm just being cocky. I had a vision though. If I were to own a shop like that, I would arrange it like a house. Parlor, bedroom, kitchen, etc. You could display stuff in cabinets and still make it look like a private collection. That's the idea. Maybe for my next career. Anyway, we took all the random dished off the shelves, grouped them by type and color, and displayed them decoratively. Then we took an old loveseat and set it up with a sidetable to look like a tea party. Then Larissa put all of the cooking stuff into the stove. Its the best we can do until the bedroom set moves out. Tomorrow maybe!