Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A "whole nother" world

Sorry about the extended absences. Between not having internet at home, or a computer that works, and (finally) working five days a week, getting to a computer is a challenge. How I think I'm going to take online classes is a mystery. But I'll worry about that as it comes up.

On that note, I got formally accepted into that Masters of Theology program. As soon as I can come up with $500 (and I'm still filling out scholarship apps) I can take my first class.

Working in the mountains is a trip. It's a whole different breed of humans up there. They have a deep distrust of law inforcement from "The City" (ie Yakima). There's been the usual spring rash of break ins at the summer homes. The locals have their firearms ready, and woe to the unwitting thief who steps across an occupied threshold. And, "my wife shoots better'n I do." We're only a few weeks away from the influx of the "damn 206-ers." And the snow flurries have mostly stopped in the mornings. Everyone is out rock hunting, panning for gold, looking for mushrooms and fallen antlers, and atving the empty campgrounds. I hear there are some abandoned mines that are going to be getting some company by mineral hunters. And now that the snow has melted below the second story, the women are less stir crazy because they can see out their windows.

Like I said, a "whole nother" world.