Tuesday, September 17, 2002

And in the same day I figured out how to enter paragraphs into my blog!!!

watch out world


I'm going

to start putting paragraph

breaks in every other

word. Just to prove that I


I have just listed my first item on ebay. I am feeling very proud of myself.

Like the first caveman who rubbed two sticks together and invented fire.


Its a Kodak "easy share" zoom digital camera --um...cx4230. If Anyone actually cares about that kind of stuff...I certainly don't -- but I didn't want 47 "what kind of camera is it" comments :-D
I got a new toy today --- that's right...I finally bought my digital camera -- let the EBAY selling begin!!! I'm so excited. Now If I can just figure out how the darn thing works...
My friend is composing a new song for piano...it is called "Sonata with a dead soprano." It calls for a singer to walk onstage, crawl under the grand piano and lay there playing dead for the entire piece. Towards the end, she starts making ghost noises. Sounds like a blast, huh? I volunteered to sing the premier...