Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The State of the Art...

I sang in the bar last night and the night before. More cards handed out, more people impressed. Oh PLEASE let someone who REALLY knows someone see me. I did, as a plus, make $68 from the crew in last night. I'd like to splurge, but I think I'll put it right into my career budget. I'll need gas money for my audition on Friday.

I'll be going to LA to audition for Disney. I'm not sure how this works, because they audition for everything at once. The only bummer is they make you union right off the bat if they hire you, which takes you out of the running for other low budget shows. So, I'll have to debate the pros and cons before I accept a job from them (assuming they offer).

I'm sending out three more resumee packets today, and I have ten more at home that I'll send to my list of casting directors. Notice the slowly climbing tally to the right.

PCPA called and I'm being "seriously considered" for their program. If only I can get a transcript to them in time. Baylor won't release one until I've paid my bill in full -- and I'm working on it. And they won't release an unofficial one to me unless I'm standing there in person. And they definately WON'T fax one to PCPA for me. Rarrrgh. Baylor delights in making all things difficult.

It turns out that the agent who was interested in me before is actually pretty reputable. I've sent her my packet with a demo. I haven't heard back yet, but a performer I've sung with is acquainted with her, and promised to give her a call on my behalf.

I really really really want something to come through. I've even sent my resume to a student director who is winning some recognition. He said he's fully cast for his next three projects, but I'm sending him a packet as well, and asked him to keep me in mind. He is doing a zombie film with a song and dance number. I told him to call me if he needs someone...Heck, it's something to add to the resume. I think it would be fun!

So, that's the state of the arts.....

I must amend. The most hated thing I've ever been called by a patron is "hey, Nurse!"