Thursday, May 19, 2005

Painting done

Painting finished

Tape off the doorframes. Second and in some places third coats are drying. Now I need to vacuum and clean the bathroom et voila! I think I'm ready to move in tomorrow. The only downside? All my furniture is still in Waco. So I have some books and clothes and things, but no place to put them really.

I'm glad I have moving in to work on this week. And I start work on Monday. Huzzah. One bummer: my first paycheck won't be until the 15th. So I'm going to have to withdraw some money from my contingency fund to live on until then. The perks: I have no housing type bills to pay, and my groceries can come from the mission. I picked up baked beans, cinnamon applesauce, and the knock off brand of cheezits to tide me over. Yeah, I'm not much of a cook. For myself that is. Today I've had a glass of cranberry juice, a Pepsi, and a couple of handfuls of cheezits. Pasta, though, is currently boiling away.