Saturday, February 12, 2005

Former shadows

Former Shadows:

Tasha: "Body language? I just want to cut out your liver and eat it."

Tasha: "We need to unlock the key."
Aaron: "With what? The lock?"

Jessica: "You know when you wear dresses? And then you wear dresses as shawls?"

Tasha: "When you put aaahss in the water, it keeps it from melting." (She's from Arkansas people, sound it out)

Julie: "Did you write your social security number?"
Angie: "It's right there."
Julie: "Ohhhh! I thought people were putting their phone numbers."

Rachel: "I don't know where 'Above All' is."
Vanessa: "First page."
Rachel: "Ohhh, I was looking under the u's."

Jerry: "I was born in 1941. That was also the year WWII started. But I don't think there's any connection."

Vicky: "It's Newton's Law...oh wait, Murphy's Law."

Aaron: "I can't praise God in dance."

Angie: "My parents decided that, with kids, McDonalds is a five star restaurant."

Jerry: "It was just last week I was praying; if you can pull this one off, you're God indeed."

Aaron: "It's a step, it's just more like a treadmill."

Vanessa: "Somehow I get to where I can throw dirt."