Thursday, June 20, 2002

And here's another reason why all Christians should be careful of how they act -- people are watching. There's a guy at work, very reminiscant of a guy I went to high school with. He's very outspoken, always planning bible studies, and he sings praise and worship everywhere. He also got fired from his church worship job for fooling around with a high school girl. Now he works with me. His makes all sorts of comments like "I hear you look hot in a swimsuit." Why is it the last person you want as the ambassador of your Faith is the loudest? And then other groups at work. They're rude to the waiters, condescending to the bussers, and overall demanding, pushy, overbearing and nasty. Then I walk up with a bottle of wine I've decanted for them -- in time to overhear a conversation about the Episcopal Church they attend. When the bill came they demanded a manager to erase their corkcage fees (they'd brought in two bottles), and didn't tip anyone. (I know i'm harping on the tipping thing) And that's the view the average person has of us. No wonder no one wants to go to church.