Monday, August 03, 2009

There is more to life than theatrical projects, but not much these days. Which is good. The goal of building up the resume continues. Both resumes. I'm on now officially as a dwarf and the huntsman in Snow White for the fall, and I've taken on Ghostlight's fall show to costume. I'm still hoping for another evening play in there somewhere. Two shows and one costuming would fill out my fall nicely.

I'm starting to think ahead to slightly longer term goals, and have begun researching doing some national cattle calls this year. I'm not quite ready to leave Seattle, but I am feeling the need to cast out a little further for work opportunities.

Waitressing has cut back to two days a week. Livable, but not enough to save what I wanted to for the summer (my own fault since I'm not available to work weekends all summer). So it's back to retail next week. Time to start shifting my schedule to one that will acommodate Storybook.

Susan and Zandi were in town yesterday doing some auditions. They went to see Storybook's current show, and I met them for coffee. Today Erin is in town, and we're doing some shopping. I'm excited for the fall when several friends will be moving to Seattle permanently.