Monday, October 11, 2004

The show that almost wasn't...

The show that almost wasn't

Another long weekend. On the way to Saturday's show, the truck broke down 100 miles from the venue. Again, we piled into the remaining two leaving Tasha and Burt with the broken one. At the performance there was only enough power if we ran extension cords to upstairs offices and the men's bathroom. The kitchen crew helped set up the stage, since we coudln't cook without our kitchen trailer, hooked to the back of the truck. Tasha and Burt arrived just in time, with enought pizza for 200 people. The show started well, but then our stage manager began (literally) throwing up all over backstage. Two down. Everyone pitched in to get things done. Nick (one of Aaron's replacements for this weekend -- while he went to his sister's wedding) stayed late to help us tear down.

The next morning, Tasha, Burt and I got up at 5:30 to drive back to get our truck and trailer, while the rest of our team headed on to Flagstaff. We arrived by an alternate route just slightly behind them, just in time to watch them take the last of the planes out of the hanger we were performing in. Jessica was sent straight to someone's house. I took her walk on role, and Tasha stage managed. Nick came early to take over her jobs for set up, and stayed for tear down. The kitchen was very small, but we had to hold the show because so many people came. We had to set up extra tables! That was exciting!

So now we have four days off. Today we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, tomorrow we go to the Grand Canyon, then trive back to Phoenix. Wednesday we're off (but may go to Mexico) and Thursday we drive to Gilbert for another set of shows... We really needed the four days off!