Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things are still buzzing along. For a few days, what with running from nannying to retail, retail to costume meetings, costume meetings to fittings, fittings to shows, I haven't had much chance to catch up on sleep. Today, though, I couldn't get into the theater until 4 anyway, and have never spent longer than three hours at the Outlet Goodwill (the limit to my endurance), so I came straight home from nannying and took a good long nap before spending 11 hours costuming today.

Blood Wedding is coming along nicely. A couple of days ago I wasn't sure how everything would get done. Then, with a few changes, yesterday I suddenly felt like we had a show, and everything else was minor. Today I realized again just how much construction and alterations I have left to do (one new skirt, a vest, multiple hemmings and moving of closures, and three coyote shawl-y things - as well as a wig fix) and it means tomorrow I'm going to go straight from nannying to the fabric store, and from thence to the theater where I will spend the rest of my day. Tomorrow is final dress.

I really need to iron everything, but that might just happen on friday before opening.

My other costuming gig will be going well shortly. I don't have much time to devote to it just yet. I need to start sending extras emails.

We're reading Anne of Green Gables in the mornings. Anne just jumped on Miss Barry in the spare room bed. Lots of hijinks will ensue tomorrow morning. If I don't sleep through my alarm like this morning. I rolled out of bed swearing 45 minutes after I was supposed to be there so everyone could run. They are so used to my being dependable (I've only overslept once before in nearly a year) that they'd left assuming I'd be there. They did call to make sure I was getting the girls up on time. It's nice to know they trust me. Too bad it happened on the morning when they shouldn't have.

Off to bed now...