Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have internet again at my house! And a new-to-me laptop! I can check my email from home now, and print out resumes to attach to my headshots, and OOHHH I'm so excited!

Today was a lovely day for a walk, so I walked to church (about 20 minutes), then to my costuming meeting (another half an hour), then to the library (40 minutes), then home. All in all, an hour and forty minutes - about 6 miles up and down hill. I felt justified in driving to the Miles and Beckys this evening. My legs hurt.

I've got a day job as an extra in a film tomorrow. I'm playing half of the "young couple" in a cafe scene. It pays cash - hurrah! Another day job! I'm going to bike to nannying, come home, and then head to Bellevue for the afternoon.