Monday, March 01, 2004

Academy Awards

So what did you think of the Oscars? Lord of the Rings ruled. But then, we knew they would. And where were Viggo and Orlando Bloom?

I don't know if Pirates of the Caribbean was nominated for Best Score, but they should have been. Yes, the Lord of the Rings soundtrack is AMAZING (I have the fellowship theme stuck in my head as we speak) but have you noticed how freaking CLEVER the Pirates soundtrack is in the swordfight scenes? It's absolutely perfect. Every beat matches the choreography. Maybe only a music major would notice, but I am very very impressed by it.

What was up with Jamie Lee Curtis' dress?

I didn't get to see much, just in between trips to the bar and back, but I don't think it was 'boring.' An awards show isn't supposed to be controvercial, it's just supposed to.....hand out awards. And the quicker the better I say. We've all been to the never ending school assemblies before graduation....walk faster people. But if you spent more than I make in a lifetime on your dress, and are wearing millions of dollars of jewelry, I guess you'd want to milk it for all its worth.