Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well, and now I'm sick. Which always happens after a stressful week -- and with my job going to heck this week, and my immediate resignation on Tuesday, now I'm spending my Saturday with a cold. On the plus side, I have nothing scheduled for today except a costume fitting. And getting my room back in shape from being gone all weekend followed by houseguests.

My roommates have all been home, and this week has been a guest haven. I had Drea here for four days, Denise here overnight, and my whole family in for dinner. One roommate's boyfriend (who won brownie points last night for bringing me popcicles for my sore throat) was in again, and the other roommate has a friend up from Eugene staying on the recently vacated sleeper sofa.

I'm leaving next week for a week and a half nannying in Florida. Very excited. Should have been getting in shape all spring, but have instead been munching on whatever suits my fancy at any given moment. I do not want to see what I look like in a swimsuit just now -- added to pale-and-pasty Seattle skin (which in any other context I love - just means lots of big hats and SPF 50) which will look out of place in the land of fakenbake.

I finally went on yesterday as the actor number two in Alice's Wonderland. I'd only had an accent rehearsal - no physical one, so I was very nervous trying to remember my entrances, and no idea of how long my fast changes could take. All went well, however, and somewhere around the Cheshire Cat everything clicked into place.

Also, the 1985 made-for-tv Alice in Wonderland was just released on DVD for the first time. I bought my copy yesterday!

And that's all for me today. I'm off to clean my room, drink my cafe au lait, and eventually get dressed and go to my fitting.