Saturday, January 17, 2004


My tickets have been purchased, and I'm set to go for the next leg of my trip. Finally! To get voice lessons! To get songs together, and a demo, and to get on with my aspirations. My motto has been, to paraphrase Jane Eyre, "They will keep until needed." But it is nice to feel that perhaps, if I wish it enough, I can step away from my job and on to my career.

Or starving to death.

Potato, Po-ta-to.

PS. Everybody's comments are down that are by the same company. Why? I don't know. If this goes on much longer I'm going to change comment companies.
I'm better now. Stressed for other reasons. Need to stop this.

Trying to get to Waco for some lessons, and my voice teacher doesn't have as much time for me as he would like the week and a half I can come. I don't know if work will give me extra time off since I'm going to have to get more time off to sing for people, and audition for things, etc. I think I'll have to take my chances on the earlier date.