Friday, August 06, 2004

You are a Siren. More adventurous than all with a
voice like no other you sit on warm rocks and
sing to the moon and sea. Yet sometimes
shipwrecks find you and raving men want you.
You are a bottle of talent and power. What the
unknown is you seek to find, and a lover. You
have the moon and stars as freinds. There are a
very few of you, what a rare find. Will you
rate my quiz, I think your voice in just

What kind of mermaid are you? (Gorgeous Pics)

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Taking care of Business

Taking Care of Business

This is the tentative itenerary for Wycliffe's production. If anyone would like to see one of the shows that is in your area, you need to contact the church directly. Each will be handling reservations or tickets in a different way. I haven't had any word on whether our "rest" days will be open for hanging out with family and friends, or if we will have designated activities with our sponsors/touring cast. I'll let you know as soon as I can.

City or Area Day Date Church Town

Wed 1-Sep Travel to Boise

Thurs 2-Sep Travel to Salt Lake City

Fri 3-Sep Travel to Denver

Sat 4-Sep Travel to Wichita, KS

Sun 5-Sep Travel to Dallas/Fort Worth

Mon 6-Sep REST (Labor Day)

Tues 7-Sep REST

Wed 8-Sep Tyler ST United Methodist Church Dallas, TX

Thurs 9-Sep Multi Church Event Richardson, TX

Fri 10-Sep Park Springs Bible Church Arlington, TX

Sat 11-Sep 1st United Methodist Church Cedar Hill, TX

Sun 12-Sep Hillcrest Baptist Church Cedar Hill, TX

Mon 13-Sep REST

Tues 14-Sep REST

Wed 15-Sep Metro Church of God Dallas, TX

Thurs 16-Sep Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Dallas, TX

Fri 17-Sep Faith Baptist Church Duncanville, TX

Sat 18-Sep Faith Baptist Church Duncanville, TX

Sun 19-Sep Gospel Lighthouse Church Dallas, TX

Mon 20-Sep REST

Tues 21-Sep REST

Wed 22-Sep Desert Springs Church Albuquerque, NM

Thurs 23-Sep Calvary Chapel Santa Fe, NM

Fri 24-Sep ?

Sat 25-Sep Travel to Arizona

Sun 26-Sep Ascension Lutheran Church Tucson, AZ

Mon 27-Sep REST

Tues 28-Sep ?

Wed 29-Sep ?

Thurs 30-Sep ?

Fri 1-Oct St. Andrews Presbyterian Tucson, AZ

Sat 2-Oct North Minster Presbyterian Tucson, AZ

Sun 3-Oct ?

Mon 4-Oct REST

Tues 5-Oct REST

Wed 6-Oct 1st Presbyterian Church Mesa, AZ

Thurs 7-Oct Glendale Nazarene Church Glendale, AZ

Fri 8-Oct Arizona Community Church Tempe, AZ

Sat 9-Oct ?

Sun 10-Oct ?

Mon 11-Oct REST

Tues 12-Oct REST

Wed 13-Oct Manzanita Baptist Church Kingman, AZ

Thurs 14-Oct ?

Fri 15-Oct ?

Sat 16-Oct ?

Sun 17-Oct Shiloh Community Church Phoenix, AZ

Mon 18-Oct REST

Tues 19-Oct Travel to S. California

Wed 20-Oct Christ The King Lutheran Church Fallbrook, CA

Thurs 21-Oct First Presbyterian/Bible Fellowship Hemet, CA

Fri 22-Oct Calvary Chapel Murrieta Murrieta, CA

Sat 23-Oct Calvary Chapel Murrieta Murrieta, CA

24-Oct Calvary Chapel Murrieta Murrieta, CA

Mon 25-Oct REST

Tues 26-Oct REST

Wed 27-Oct ?

Thurs 28-Oct ?

Fri 29-Oct Calvary Chapel Murrieta Murrieta, CA

Sat 30-Oct Sunridge Community Church Temecula, CA

Sun 31-Oct REST

Mon 1-Nov Santa Cruz Bible Church Santa Cruz, CA

Tues 2-Nov Travel to Salem, OR

Wed 3-Nov Travel to Salem, OR

Thurs 4-Nov Labish Center Evangelical Church Salem, OR

Fri 5-Nov Labish Center Evangelical Church Salem, OR

Sat 6-Nov New Hope Church Salem, OR

Sun 7-Nov Judson Baptist Church Salem, OR

Mon 8-Nov First Baptist Church Eugene, OR

Tues 9-Nov Travel to Springfield, OR

Wed 10-Nov Springfield Faith Center Springfield, OR

Thurs 11-Nov ?

Fri 12-Nov Lebanon Nazarene Lebanon, OR

Sat 13-Nov REST

Sun 14-Nov Twin Rivers Baptist Church Springfield, OR

Mon 15-Nov REST

Tues 16-Nov Travel to Grants Pass, OR

Wed 17-Nov ?

Thurs 18-Nov Trail Christian Fellowship Eagle Point, OR

Fri 19-Nov Community Bible Church Central Point, OR

Sat 20-Nov Pacific Community Church Bandon, OR

Sun 21-Nov Dallas 1st Presbyterian Dallas, OR

Mon 22-Nov Debrief

Tues 23-Nov Home

I'm home, briefly. Mom and I drove in last night at 11. I'm hanging out, resting, but if anyone wants to do anything, I'm here!

My cats did really well last night and this morning. They were just happy to be out of the cat carrier. Today, they met the family pets. Cai has been up a tree for an hour. I got him out of the last one and was carrying him back in the house, when Melody came around the corner and treed him in another one. Chloe is hiding somewhere. I haven't seen her since she saw Mocha tearing down the hall.

So, I'm off to Petco for last minute pet supplies.