Monday, November 20, 2006

The amazing discoveries in Student Films

Amazing Discoveries while shooting Student Films

I pulled in from Portland last night at about 6:30. I was down there to shoot a movie called Minute Zero. Which actually didn't get shot. My co-actor had to go to the hospital and get stitches, so the shoot got moved to next weekend. Perhaps now would be a good time to let the director know that I'm coming in from out of town...I'm still very interested in the project, and happy to have another week with the character before filming. I was inspired by Emma Thompson's performance in Stranger than Fiction. Time to come up with some creative gestures and character quirks.

Tonight after Bible Study I'm driving to Seattle to shoot a student music video on Capitol Hill. The shoot runs from 12-6am at a bar...I'll be an extra. Then I'm crashing at Miles and Becky's before trying to drive home. So far I'm not getting paid, but I'm glad to have the experience.

I'm off now to the store to buy frosting and liverwurst for a bridal shower I'm organizing tonight. And I've got to clean my house and do some laundry before I leave town again, and again this weekend!

Oh, and I talked to Steve two days in a row. Last night he sent me his latest paper, which got him invited to speak at a national conference in February...I critiqued it for him, in typical tongue in cheek fashion. The night before he'd called because I text messaged him about my shoot. Tasha walked in from seeing a show an hour later, right in the middle of a conversation about the importance of context to the meaning of any text, and how the classical Greek philosophers mistrusted the written word (as opposed to oral tradition) because it opened the text up to misinterpretation. I got off the phone soon thereafter, because it was very late....and Tasha was laughing at us. Ah well. It's really nice to be able to talk my head off with someone about Literature and not have him glaze over!