Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cannon Beach

Yesterday, under the auspices of a drive test for prospective (and a co-piloting test for me, as possible lead co-pilot) we went to Cannon Beach for seafood, the then up the road a few miles to a touristy town to hang out for an hour.

The conversation on the way there in the sub was interesting, though I heard it in bits and pieces over Austen's music as Aaron and Liz argued themselves in circles. The debate was over love, and the part I picked up on was: does love grow in amount over time, or is the amount constant, but the aspect of love within that constant shifting. At least, I think that's what it was. I drew a chart.

On the way back I programmed Grusha (Our GPS system) without Julie's help with much rejoicing at the end! Hurrah! Even through she did take us the back....wards way into Milwaulkee at the end. We only nearly pulverized a small car with the sub and drama trailer as we got on a highway, only to exit .3 miles later. I bet he had to change his clothes when he got home...


Yesterday something happened that has never happened in Wycliffe Dinner Theater history, as far as I know it.

We reached a unanimous decision in under one minute.