Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Success! My application has been mailed -- and is completely beyond my control. And it's only 10! How exciting is that. Next on the list....memorize music, and finish recital dress!
Goals and Aspirations

My goal in life is to develop the talents that God has given me to the fullest
possible extent, and to use them in a way that will allow others to see God in my life. I
intend to pursue a career as a professional opera singer. In the near future I would like to
audition for such programs as the Music Academy of the West and Seattle Opera’s Young
Artist Program. Baylor’s degree program will enable me to develop both my talents and
my faith into a cohesive whole.

In my observation Baylor has an excellent Vocal Performance Degree which will
prepare me academically as well as vocally. While I feel my time at Baylor has
significantly altered my voice, I need the extra two years to complete the transition from
my pop music background to trained classical singing. Also, in my family higher
education is a priority. Both of my parents are educators, and I would like to leave the
door open for the possibility of pursuing a doctorate down the road.

One thing that has been a great cause of concern is how little tolerance there is in
the performance world towards people with an active faith. As a Christian University,
Baylor encourages my beliefs rather than discourages them, as so many other reputable
degree programs would likely do.

I love to learn, and school comes easily to me. I enjoy researching and paper
writing, and relish any opportunity to gather information about my craft. As a graduate
student I intend to use my time gathering working knowledge of performance practice to
better my own singing. One class I’ve been looking forward to taking for four years is Dr.
Zeiss’ Opera Literature class, which in my four years at Baylor never fit into my schedule.
I’ve also been wanting to try my hand at composition, and would relish the opportunity to
lean from Baylor’s amazing faculty.

I believe that the Baylor School of Music is the perfect place for me to study
because it meshes seamlessly the serious study of music and the Christian Faith, a
background I will need once I venture out into the larger world of music.

Grad essay is half done. Not long enough though. I need more length. Back to the drawing board
I did in fact buy a planter -- actually its a teapot....it's so cute! Now I'm home finally -- Matt took hours making up his mind. Now I've just finished painting one wall of my living room. Once it dries I'll put everything on that wall back up. How long does that take exactly? I do need to sew the tassels on my swag before I rehang it. I'm going to take a nap. 7:30 comes a lot earlier than it used to!
7:30 am. Tuesday Morning has restocked! I'm off to find a nice planter for my violet! And hopefully Matt will decide to make an appearance with Stacie -- I'm supposed to meet them there, but both of them are less of morning people than I am....we shall see!