Sunday, April 02, 2006

Very Very long day

I had a very very long day.

Yesterday I worked, after getting home at almost 3am the night before. Last night was weird. It was so slow for a long time, and just before nine I stopped picking up tables thinking that I was going to have to be sent home shortly. Then a rush came in, and the other waitress started taking tables. We realized that this wasn't a fluke, and I was still waiting on a table, so I picked up three more hoping to get a little of the action before I left. Turned out that the three I picked were slow drinking "lingerers." At 11 they had stopped drinking, but were still content to sit and listen to the music, and didn't want their check just yet. 12:00. Still standing around. Haven't served another drink. Finished sidework. Kept helping other waitress at her tables. 12:30, finally closed out. But of course it is daylight savings now, so 12:30 is actually 1:30. Got home after 2:30. Have to be up at 6 or so. So I decided to change into my church clothes, take out my contacts, leave on my makeup, and just curl up for a couple of hours before I have to be up to take Allie and myself to our various churches.

Got up at last possible second. Touched up makeup. Put in contacts. Ran us both through starbucks for breakfast. Then two services at church.

Excellent sermon. Special speaker. I sat through the 9:30 service to hear it again, then picked up Allie and we both listened to the 11 o clock broadcast while we ate our lunch. Denise and I and maybe Kris are going tonight to hear him speak again. He's doing a three night talk on Hearing God's Voice. I'll give the hightlights later, since it's time to start picking people up.