Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Ok, another one!

Dave Barry

by Fish 42

At the end of the Council of Elrond, everyone concluded that 'Shards of Narsil' would be a great name for a band.

I have very little to blog about...but five posts away from my 700th blog, so I'm filling up space. I popped over to this site courtesy of the Elfin Ethicist. The site is "what if LOTR was written by someone else." I really like the Douglas Adams examples, Jane Austin, and C.S. Lewis. The Dickens one is very clever. And this one:

Friends: The One with the Ring.

by AckThud

Frodo Bing: Could we BE in any more peril? Mt. Doom is SO much further than Tulsa!

JoeWise: Don't worry, Mr. Frodo, I'm sure it'll be fine, so long as they have sandwiches there. Besides, we got this guide helping out here. Hey, How you doin'?

SmeaGellar: Um, ittttt burnsssssssssssss, like, I could help, but um.....there's this precioussssssssss...I, uhhhhh.....

Frodo Bing: Could you FORM a complete sentence?


Tom Phoebedil:

SmeaGellar, SmeaGellar,
Why are they torturing you?

SmeaGellar, SmeaGellar,
It's not your fau-au-aullllt!!!!

Oh,and this one..

Gilbert and Sullivan

by Zanzibar

I am the very model of the modern magus Mithrandir

I fought the Balrog in the chasm and was his extinguisher

I know who is the king to be and all Middle Earth's history

As well as all the lin-e-age that makes up Strider's ancestry

I ride upon the mearas that is known to you as Shadowfax

And fight Saruman's tyranny by leading Rohan in attacks

For guidance information about messing with a palantír

I am the very model of the modern magus Mithrandir

Another busy day in the "Waggin' Tongue." (actually overheard: "That's not the way you spell that." "It's a PUN!") I've made over a hundred dollars a day the last two. If I keep this up, I might have a good pay period. I could use it! The starving artist phase of existance is fast approaching!

I got in trouble today. There's usually an hour or two of dead between the lunch rush and afternoon cocktails. I started bringing a book to work, which is ok with three of my four managers, but really makes the fourth mad. She went through my cart, found my book, and sent me home to put it away. I'll not make that mistake again.

There is a new bellman at work who is really on fire. He came to get a soda on his rounds and was telling me that he's having trouble talking with people about truth when, 1) they don't believe it exists, 2) they don't accept the Bible as the basis for living, and 3) if they do believe in truth, it is considered relative. We discussed how "truth" by definition must be absolute. Now he stops by two or three times a day instead of once. If only he knew that I have to wear my extra-large cross necklace at work, under my uniform. Having it wacking me about the midsection reminds me to be charitable...or that's the theory at least. I have 1 Corinthians 13 taped to the bar, but I still find Charity in short supply. Patience is in short supply, and I struggle not to be rude to abominable customers. Rarrgh. Confessions of a bartender...

Well, I've been sitting by my phone for 24 hours hoping that director will call. I hate playing this game. I don't have the number of the guy who recommended me, to ask what's up. This business is weird.