Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh what a beautiful morning

Oh what a beautiful Moooooooorrrning

Day two of two days off, I spent all day yesterday sleeping - except for a break to go to Bible Study number one. Today I'm going to be scrapbooking at the parents' house while watching Allie do her homework. Fun stuff.

Last night at Bible study (a study on intimacy) we discussed the old phrase that fathers used for centuries; "Young man, are your intentions honorable." But in a day when young women leave home at 18, and don't get married until almost thirty, who is going to ask that question? Well, maybe we should. I mean, most of us begin relationships in the dark about "where things are going" and why the guy is interested because we're afraid we'll drive a guy off if we ask. No guy wants a girl who is always asking "what are we doing exactly." Right? But how much time do we waste on relationships that are going nowhere because we don't ask the question right up front - "what are your intentions?" I know I would have saved my self several months of emotional f---wittage and a case of mono if I'd just been point blank at the beginning, and not accepted non-answers.

So, my new policy, embroider "Are your intentions honorable" and frame it on my front door. That should finally clinch me as a confirmed old spinster, and drive away any waffling insincere guys...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Flutterby Dreaming

Flutterby Dreaming

I'm going to be an extra in a movie filming in Seattle on the 31st. I might get to film another day as well. It doesn't pay anything, but what a neat way to spend a day off!


Monday, October 23, 2006

The funny thing about philanthropy

The funny thing about philanthropy...

Heifer International has a gift registry at their site. Instead of countless appliances and bits of silver that you'll never use (at least, most people won't -- I have a silver tea strainer that is a regular part of my recreational activities) you can have livestock shipped to a foreign country. You can even have your own donation page with a picture of the happy couple and a message to friends and family...

I think that's a great idea!

But I looked at the featured websites expecting a whole collection of Sunday Paper style happy couple photos. Instead, there were a lot of couples in wool socks, birkinstocks, and had knit hats in very beachy or woodsy settings. It would seem that the type of people who would give up gifts wrapped in silver and gold paper in favor of their favorite charity, also don't believe in waxing and pedicures.

Do you think it's a prerequisite?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh my, there's a car in my bed

Oh My! There's a Car in My Bed

Last night at midnight a BMW ran through the front gate and into the corner of the house I'm staying at.

Miles and Becky were in bed, and I was heading there, when this huge crash and shudder went through the house. At first I though it was another Puyallup-based Mt. Rainier earthquakes we've been having around here. But, no, it didn't feel right. I've been through a California one. The driver was not intoxicated, but claimed the break pedal had broken. It was quite a night. The driver tried to back the car out and leave, but several of the neighbors helped Miles and Becky yell loud enough to make him stay put. Four police cars and a fire truck were there within minutes. Then a tow truck had to be called to extract the car from the side of the house.

All damage is cosmetic to the house itself, the porch is a goner as is the front gate. And the police had to put up yellow "Police Line Do Not Cross" tape for liability purposes, so it looks like there's been a homicide.

The only upside (strictly for me) was getting winked at by a cute fireman - in my pajamas with no makeup on. LALALALA!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Working like a Dog

Working Like a Dog...or, No Bible Study for me

It's hunting season. And Monday night football. The combination of the two means that the chances of my being able to go to my Monday night 6:30 bible study are pretty stinking slim. Which almost made me cry at work tonight. Because it's at Nancy's. And I really like all the girls in the study, and the study we are doing, and this will be three sessions in a row that I've missed. I tried to broach the subject with the management today, but was told that the schedule is not up for discussion at this point, and plan on working long hours because we're understaffed through hunting season. Good for the money and debt payoff. Bad for moi...unless 9 other people want to rearrange the study so that one person can go. How is it that employers can keep changing schedules without so much as a consultation. The only way to have this type of job is to be available at all times, plan on nothing, and start no non-work activity. Because you might be called in. So tired of this!

Updates on the Spiritual Slump: almost 2 years and counting. Really. Thank God for Flogamockers and Lewis or I'd be completely adrift. I keep telling myself not to panic. God went for whole centuries without direct contact, why am I expecting regular updates. The practical part of me tells myself that God will make himself perfectly clear when he wants to, and until then to sit back and assume I'm on the right path unless I hear otherwise. The other part starts whimpering in the background that perhaps my spiritual malaise is indicative of a greater catastrophe. How funny (not ha ha) to sit back and watch people who became Christians long after me grow, mature, and find copious amounts of purpose. Meanwhile I keep treading water hoping that sometime soon I'll either touch ground or find a boat. My personal devotions (of which modern Christiandom makes such a guilt trip) consist, often, of staring at a section of scripture that is color coded, highlighted, personally referenced and footnoted, and wondering what on earth does it mean. The words, I mean. Because I'm staring at a page that once unlocked a new truth every time I went over it, and now I can scarcely make sense of all those little squigglies we call letters. Putting them together into words is harder, and whole sentences float in and out of my brain without actually registering. This happens in most of the N.T.

Reading things chronologically has had its own effect. Now I don't want to read anything NT at all because we haven't got there yet!

Lewis is great. Another excellent quote by him, this time on Jane Eyre. He'd just reread it, and is remarking on a young unmarried woman's naivete about the joys of conjugal life, quoting a passage in the last chapter, "We talked, I believe, all day." Lewis' comment, "Poor Husband."

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to Seattle after work for three days. I have things I need to do around here, but I also need to get far away for a little while. Adrian may or may not be coming into town on Friday, but I've already phoned Michael to let him know I'll be around (He's the guy I went out with a few weeks ago).

Friday, October 13, 2006

Lewis on Hitler

Lewis on Hitler

"I might agree that the Allies are partly to blame, but nothing can fully excuse the iniquity of Hitler's persecution of the Jews, or the absurdity of his theoretical position. Did you see that he said 'The Jews have made no contributions to human culture and in crushing them I am doing the will of the Lord.' Now as the whole idea of the 'Will of the Lord' is precisely what the world owes to the Jews, the blaspheming tyrant has just fixed his absurdity for all to see in a single sentence, and shown that he is as contemptible for his stupidity as he is detestable for his cruelty."
This was from a letter to his friend Arthur on November 5, 1933.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Christmas/Birthday Wish List

Christmas/Birthday Wish List

Lest it look like I'm grubbing for presents from all my friends, acquaintances, and people online I don't actually know, my family likes me to come up with a list of things I want several months before ye olde birthday (26 this year). Here's some ideas, family.

1.The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers. Five Volumes (not four, hmmm. We women must write more than men as well as talk more. Lewis only has 3).

2.The Letters of J.R.R.Tolkien (One Volume, 459 pages).

3. DVD - Peter Pan 2004.

4. Peter and the Shadow Thieves, Ridley Pierson and Dave Barry.

5.OPI Nail Laquers.

6. Yankee Candles: Favorite Scents Cinnamon Sage, Vanilla, Buttercream Frosting, Mackintosh Apple, Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread, Spruce.

7.Dar Williams, Immortal City CD.

8. Any Buffy Seasons that people want to buy.

9. Bath and Body works Warm Vanilla Sugar or Sweet Pea Body Creams.

10.And of course, Drea, there's always Givenchy Indecense and a Calendar...:-)

11. DVD-American Beauty

12. Someone (like Grandma) might consider something like a massage or spa day.

13. Or really, you could just all pool together and give me a joint Christmas/Birthday Scholarship so I could take that C.S. Lewis and his Writings course I've been wanting to take.

Oh Crap

Oh Crap!

I'm working my way through volume 2. And now I've realized, that not only do I have two more volumes (and yes, I know I'm saying this like it's a bad thing, but it isn't -- I'm really enjoying them) of Lewis, but now I'm going to have to read the complete collected letters of Tolkien (2 Volumes) and of Sayers (4 Volumes). I think it's time to buy a couple of bookcases.

Lewis is going to start writing his Space Trilogy in a few hundred pages!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I got a bite

I got a bite

So, I got my stuff together, so to speak, and put in all on a website designed to connect actors with people "iso", etc. Two days later, I've had an email! I'd tell more about it, but I don't believe in jinxing yourself that way -- I'm not superstitious (duh), but there's something to not saying you've got it until it's in writing, otherwise you're in for a let down. The offer sounds promising, though.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Favorite Parts: C.S. Lewis Collected Letters Volume 1

Shadows of Splendor: Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis Volume 1.

I've been reading Lewis' Collected Letters for the past few weeks. The Scobells bought them for me and mailed them. Isn't mail wonderful? Especially surprise packages. I've finished the first of three volumes, about 1,000 pages apiece. I wouldn't do this for just any author. It's been so interesting watching Lewis develop themes that will become major works later in life. So far I've caught hints of Perelandra, Out of the Silent Planet, Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, The Allegory of Love and Surprised by Joy. The most astonishing thing of all is how much like Lewis he sounds, even as a teenager. Pompous, arrogant, full of himself, priggish, and an atheist, but still Lewis. Same vocabulary. Here are my favorite Lewis quotes from the first volume:

"Of course Handel is not your ideal or mine as a composer...Of course the inappropriateness of his tunes is appalling - as for instance where he makes the chorus repeat some twenty times that they have all gone astray like sheep in the same tone of cheerful placidity that they'd use for saying it was a fine evening." (From a letter to his brother, 22 December 1914)

"It's just a sign, isn't it, of how some geniuses can't work in metrical forms - another example being the Brontes." (Letter to Arthur Greeves 7 March 1916 - In the same letter he says, "you may even make a Christian of me.")

"...Style is the art of expressing a given thought in the most beautiful words and rhythms of words. For instance a man might say 'When the constellations angelic spirits loudly testified to their satisfaction.' Expressing exactly the same thought, the Authorised Version says 'When the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy'. Thus by the power of style what was nonsense becomes ineffably beautiful. See?" (To Arthur, 4 August 1917. From Job 38:7, which in my Bible has a note by me noticing how Tolkien that section is.)

"The trouble about God is that he is like a person who never acknowledges one's letters and so, in time, one comes to the conclusion either that he does not exist or that you have got the address wrong." (To His Brother, 1 July 1921)

Discussing what pleasure he got from knowing that several of his favorite authors knew each other...a foreshadowing of the Inklings "...How delightful to find out suddenly that the Wartons and Collins were at school together and made a sort of poetry club there as boys and had evolved it together." (To his father, 5 January 1926)

"I should like to know, too, in general, what you think of all the darker side of religion as we find it in old books. Formerly I regarded it as mere devil worship based on horrible superstitions. Now that I have found, and am still finding more and more, the element of truth in the old beliefs, I feel I cannot dismiss even their dreadful side so cavalierly. There must be something in it: only what?" (To Arthur, 22 December 1929)

"But it is a real book: i.e. it's not like a book at all, but like a thunderclap. Heaven defend us - what things there are knocking about the world!" (Letter to Arthur 13 January 1930 - referring to Phantastes by George MacDonald)

"Tolkien is the man I spoke of when we were last together - the author of the voluminous unpublished metrical romances and of the maps, companions to them, showing the mountains of Dread and Nargothrond the city of the Orcs." (To Arthur, 9 February 1930.) Describing the members of Kolbitar, a group that met to read the Norse Myths in the original language.

"Terrible things are happening to me. The 'Spirit' or 'Real I' is showing an alarming tendency to become much more personal and is taking the offensive and behaving just like God. You'd better come on Monday at the latest or I may have entered a monastery." (To Arthur 3 February 1930)

"Why do women write such good novels. Men's novels, except Scott, seem to me on the same level as womens' poetry." (Arthur, June 22 1930)

(at the end of a discussion about the difference between German Myths based in the earthy and metallic, and Celtic Mythology based in elements and frivolity. Paganism is ultimately shallow because it will never grow into a religion) "In fact, add Roman civilisation to [paganism] and you get - France." (3 August 1930)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Exhaustion with a side of Injustice

Exhaustion with a side of Injustice

The other day at work (I can't remember which because I spent most of this week working my shift and another girl's who was out sick), at the end of a double shift, I had an incident with the owner.

He was drinking with friends, and eventually it degenerated into gambling for who bought the next round of drinks. At some point, one of the guys lost, and bought two drinks, but wouldn't buy for the third guy with a full glass. He settled up with me, then left. He left a tip on the table. The owner got irate that he hadn't bought a drink, and (long story short) demanded that I take the money left on the table and buy the guy's drink since I hadn't forced him to buy the drink. (The drink was unpoured, since I wouldn't serve it until someone offered to pay). The "remainder" was twenty cents. I went to my GM, and he said "aren't drunk people fun."

I'm rather upset.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mary Hunt would be so proud

Mary Hunt would be so proud...

I paid off one of my loans tonight. And a bit more of another one. That's three paychecks in a row that I've been able to divert directly to loan payoff.

But I celebrated by buying a Christian Lacroix skirt on ebay.