Saturday, April 09, 2011

Day Off!

Last night Alan opened his new show at Renton Civic. It was WONDERFUL! I'd read the script early on, and thought it was a charming play, but they exceeded my expectations. What a darling play! I was so proud of him!

Today I got up and did some shopping. I have to get packets of orphan costume materials together for my parent volunteers, and had two sets of coupons to use up to purchase all the fabrics. So I spent and hour looking for butt-ugly fabrics to make into dresses and pinafores for the show. I bought three different plaid homespun fabrics, and some purple-ish grey floral calico. Then I went to a different Joann's Fabrics and bought some puss yellow plaid. YAY! Three more fabrics and I've purchased everything I need.

Alan got to sleep in today - opening a show and all - and then we went to Snohomish and antiqued. Mostly we just enjoy getting to schlep around and chat with no particular agenda. We had sandwiches at a pub and espressos on the way out of town.

Now I'm at Miles and Becky's spending the evening. Alan's gone to his next performance but we have to be back up here later this evening for a friend's birthday, so I asked to be dropped off here.

Break a leg, honey!