Saturday, September 11, 2004

How many things can go wrong?

Our show last night was sloppy. The audience loved it, they were responsive, but little things kept going wrong. I almost missed and entrance. I was camped out by the side of the stage and realized that my cue was being said. I made it, but just barely. Also, there was a strange vacuum happening towards the audience. We lost one prop off the front end, and two more went sliding that direction. The button popped off my skirt, and I was trying to keep it on the whole first act. And finally, I got so tired of all the food we waste after a show that I scooped large portions of adobo. The last five servers didn't get full portions after all, and two of our cast had to eat peanut butter sandwitches. Tonight I'm supposed to be less zealous. And we ran out of veggies, but that wasn't my doing...It's a process, learning how much to make for how many. Our recipes are way off, but not all the same direction. Our fruit cocktail recipe is almost double what we need for the amount of people it says, but the vegetables always run the closest to the margin.

Ah well, the things you learn. On the plus side, kitchen crew got done in plenty of time with set up, and finished with the stage crew in tear down. Last night we were almost an hour behind them.

I looked at the calander, and it's September 11. I completely lost track of days. you know how you hear people say they'll never forget what they were doing when Kennedy was shot, or the space shuttle crashed? I was sleeping in when my sister called and asked if I could get any information on a plane that had crashed into the twin towers. I tried to get online, but couldn't. I called my family and a few college friends to try to find out what was going on -- since I didn't have a television. My friends and I skipped classes, went to Matt's apartment, ordered a pizza, and spent the day watching the news reports unfold.

I assume tonight at the show we'll pray for the survivors and their families...