Thursday, February 24, 2005

The house is empty

The house is empty, and we're all alone.

Oh what a relief it is to have one's house to oneself again. Only, it isn't our house, it's someone else's. But no one is watching us eat... What else can they do really, if they're eating at the same time. But one does feel a bit like a hamster in a cage sometimes. (Oh look, they're eating! Would you take just a bit more? Would you take something else if I make it for you? My, you don't eat very much, do you? I guess if you're that small it doesn't take much, does it....) Some days I need a "Please do not tap on glass" sign. Or, like the police horses in Old Sacramento, a post-it stuck to my forehead saying "Please do not pet."

Vanessa and I stayed up far too late last night talking about everything and nothing. And this morning we presume to go to downtown Davis and walk around the shops for a bit. Then, off to set up, act, tear down, repeat 4X.